Millvale Community Library October | 2016 |

The MCL went to the Pittsburgh Maker Faire!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Lisa Seel

Last week, our Maker Program Director, Nora Peters, and volunteer, Eva Phillips, went to the Maker Faire at the Allegheny Center in Pittsburgh to showcase the Millvale Community Library’s Maker Program. The whole faire encompassed Makers from throughout the Northeast, showing off everything from personal projects to robots to advanced engineering tools to classroom aids. Nora and Eva brought our special Halloween Workshop to the Maker Faire, helping kids make accessories for their Halloween costumes, such as paper plate masks. Nora Peters was very pleased with how the Maker Faire went: “We definitely got to meet a lot of people… Read More »

We are designing costumes for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Lisa Seel

Don’t forget!  Every Wednesday during October, our Maker Wednesdays will become a Halloween costume workshop. We will be using recycled materials, fabric, paper maché, and paint to design and create costumes and accessories for this Halloween! “A handmade costume is much more special than a store bought one, and gives kids the opportunity to use their full imagination this Halloween!” says Maker Program Director, Nora Peters. When I caught up with her, Nora was busy designing her own costume:  Kiki from the animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service. Maker Wednesdays occur every week, from 11:00a to 1:00p for Homeschoolers, and 3:00p… Read More »