CMU School of Architecture offers free weekend camp for Millvale Youth

September 7, 2017
Architectural imagining of Millvale in the EcoDistrict Pivot Plan

As Millvale changes, we always want to make sure that it happens in a way that community members want.  One voice we can’t forget to leave out in the growth of our EcoDistrict is that of our youth.  This fall, the Carnegie School of Architecture will be offering an 8 week program called the Saturday Sequence for 8 Millvale youth (4 middle school and 4 high school).  Best of all, this program is FREE for Millvale students!  

“Since 1991, the Saturday Sequence has taught elementary, middle, and high school students the indispensable components of an architecture education. Each year, the Saturday Sequence adopts a theme reflecting the expertise of our School of Architecture: Urban Design, Sustainable Design, and Computational Design.

Through hands-on projects and three-dimensional representation, our classes encourage abstract thinking and exploration of conceptual ideas. Each age group concentrates on a different area within the field of architecture, and utilizes age-appropriate techniques. All classes have an overarching focus on the architectural design process and creative problem-solving skills. Through this program, students broaden their understanding of architectural design and the profession.

Classes are taught by young professionals from the Pittsburgh area and upper-level Carnegie Mellon architecture students. At the end of the program, family and friends are invited to a reception and exhibition of student work.”

Working with Carnegie Mellon University, participants in the program will reimagine the Millvale Curve, otherwise known as the messy intersection at the entrance to town, and think through ways to make it safer, friendlier, and more sustainable.  The designs created by the participants will be presented at a community even in Millvale on November 18th!

More than a Library – an agent for positive change.  That is the mission we try to live by every day with the work that we do in Millvale.  Fulfilling that mission means amongst other things, being able to connect our community members to educational resources and information to help them grow professionally, and also listening to our community members to better understand how to work together to make Millvale a stronger community.  We’re excited to partner with CMU to be able to bring this opportunity for our future leaders!

Interested?  Application can be found by following this link.  Applications can be dropped off at the Millvale Library front desk.  Please reach out to Zaheen at sustainable.millvale@gmail.com for any questions!  

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