An Interview with Maria, our 2016-2017 VISTA

December 15, 2017

The following is an interview with our 2016-2017 Resource Development VISTA, Maria Mongelluzzo. After her year of service, Maria joined the Millvale Community Library staff and continues to be an amazing help and a friendly resource for all of our patrons! Thank you, Maria, for all of your hard work!

Tell us how you became the Resource Development VISTA? What attracted you to the MCL?

I have been involved in Millvale for the past several years. I initially began interning at the Library and the Gardens of Millvale following a community visit as part of a sustainability course I took as a student at Pitt. While interning, I got to know the Library’s VISTAs and was introduced to the AmeriCorps VISTA program. After graduating from Pitt, I thought the VISTA program would be a great opportunity for me to gain experience doing something I loved. I wanted to return to the Library because I wanted to be involved in a community that was doing amazing things and allowed me to be surrounded by inspiring people.

What did you like most about your position?

I loved everything about my position and the opportunities I had over the past year. One of my favorite parts was working with local universities and organizations to help organize large days of service throughout Millvale. I have also loved getting to know the community members and everyone who visits the Library.

What is your fondest memories from the past year?

While I have a lot of really great memories from the past year as a VISTA, there are definitely a few that stick out. One of those was attending the Southwest Libraries Confluence where I had the opportunity to present on the Tool Lending Library with our former Director Lisa Seel. Another great memory I have is from the last day of service I hosted with Pitt students for Pitt Make A Difference Day. We had 85 volunteers helping out around Millvale, and what made it even more special was several of the PittServes staff members telling me that Millvale was their favorite place to volunteer and how they returned to our site year after year.

In what ways would you like to see both Millvale and the MCL grow in the future?

There are a lot of great people at MCL and in the Millvale community who are working on incredible projects. I hope that energy and dedication continues as we bring new programs and partnerships to the Library and the community.

What are your goals for your future at the MCL? What are you looking forward to in your new role?

My first goal is to finish the Tool Lending Library, which is nearly complete. While it has been quite a process, I’m very excited to have it up and running soon. I think it will be a great addition to the services provided at the Library and a wonderful asset to everyone in the Allegheny County Library Association. Other than that, as I begin to figure out my long term plans and goals, I’m looking forward to helping support the Library through a number of transitions as it continues to grow.

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