Millvale Sustainability Coordinator Position now sponsored by New Sun Rising

December 7, 2017


The Millvale Library means a lot of things to a lot of people.  For the past two and a half years, it has been my professional home.

The Millvale Sustainability Coordinator position is a shared resource between the Millvale Library, the Borough of Millvale, the Millvale Community Development Corporation, and New Sun Rising with the overarching mission of implementing Millvale’s EcoDistrict Pivon Plan.

Since June of 2015, when the position first came online, I have been fortunate to have been able to serve in my role, and working with Millvalians to implement programming in the areas of Food, Water, Energy, Air Quality, Mobility, and Equity.  The Library, since its founding has been in many ways the focal point of many of Millvale’s sustainability efforts.  With features like a fully solarized roof, a functioning rain garden, energy efficiency features and more, it was only fitting that the Library would also play host to the Sustainability Coordinator position.

For good reason however, that time has now come to a close.  As Millvale’s sustainability planning and programming has grown, all four founding organizations of the Millvale EcoDistrict Collaborative have further honed in on their missions.  With the Millvale Library more focused than ever on serving its role within the community, it made a lot of sense to find a home for the position where there can be increased capacity to develop more projects, and tie more deeply into regional initiatives.  New Sun Rising fits that bill.

Worry not, my Millvale friends!  The role of the position has not changed.  The biggest opportunity at hand now is the ability to further engage like-minded communities in an effort to learn from and contribute to regional sustainability best practices.  The mission to successfully implement Millvale’s EcoDistrict plan is still at the heart of everything we are doing.  In many ways, it feels like nothing has changed at all.

With that said, many thanks to the Millvale Library for being a leader in sustainable development, not just in Millvale, but across the Pittsburgh region.  It has been wonderful to get to know and grow with the team, and here’s to full steam ahead on all of our work together throughout the community.

Here are some of the highlights from the past two years!

EcoDistrict Planning

Air Quality Baseline

National Best Practices

National Recognition

Hangin’ with the Gardens

Millvale goes Platinum

Health & Environment Fair

Green Workplace Challenge Champions

Teen Solar Fellowship & Community Center Installation


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